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Snap Shots

Not too long ago I got sent a news article. The title was STOP USING INSTAGRAM.

Catchy right?

It was wrote by some people who collected a bunch of research and data to find out what social networking platform was the worst for teenagers and youths mental heath. You can probably guess what their results found judging by it's title.

I didn't necessarily agrees or think very highly of the article as it was aimed at parents to scare them and read to be really bias against any social networking platform going, so for that reason I'm not wanting to share a link to it, but you can look into it if you'd like, it shouldn't be that hard to find. Whilst I didn't agree with the article it was good food for thought.

One of the first few posts I ever wrote on this blog was called Perfection on social media and it was one of my most popular posts for a long time. After reading that article, I think that topic is very much something that I'd like to discus once again.

I absolutely love Instagram.

I like looking at peoples travels, food, amazing photography skills, even the odd bit of makeup and fashion if I'm feeling particularly girly that day (what is rare let me assure you).

However, Instagram isn't real nor is most of social media.

I'm very good at falling into it's traps.

This is one of the most common type of images you'll find on my account. Landscapes of pretty hills. I'm not some Instagram Queen, in fact I suck at Instagram. My account is private and I post every month and a bit if you're lucky.

I also only have one picture of a drink and no pictures of food, simply because I don't eat anything pretty enough.

 However, from these two pictures you might have deduced two things about me 

1) I spend a lot of time outdoors and love walking, you might even think I'm adventurous

2) I'm a foodie and lover of pretty drinks. 

In reality those those pictures don't come about often. I'm busy most of the time now so its rare I get out to go walking. I also really struggle with liquid calories so its not very often you'll see me drinking hot chocolate.

Those two pictures are only snap shots of my life.

Nothing more, nothing less, those were just two small moments.

That's all that Instagram is, it's snap shots of moments of our life.

But some of us are striving for the life that we see. But these lives are unrealistic and not maintainable. Very few of us have the bank account to eat out ever night, just to take a photo or to buy designer outfits for every day.

In my worst days the most common things you'd see on my search history was #thininspo and #fitinspo. Looking at physically fit people (or really unhealthy) was really damaging. I began to believe that these people looked like that 24/7 and that I should be striving to look like that. I thought that because they looked like that, I should have been able to look like that. I ignored the fact that everyone weights less on a morning, everyone get bloated throughout the day and develops food babies. I was ignoring the fact that these people were tensing their stomachs in these photos to get amazing six packs.

There was so many factors effecting these people photos and I was ignoring them all. In my head they had that sort of life style and because they could maintain it, that means I had to, too.

So yes, I fully understand how damaging Instagram can be.

Instagram in itself is not a bad thing. I follow lot of recovery accounts who inspire with my own recovery from my eating disorder, it makes me feel less alone and takes away some of the isolation walls that I built. I love following photography accounts because it inspires me to take my camera out more.

Instagram and things like it are fine but guys just a word or caution, it's not real.

Please don't go falling into the tap of believing that your life has to measure up with the lives you see on there.

Keep it real and keep being you.



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