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Monthly Reads- May 17

Hiya, fellow Oddballs!

Bit of a first for me, but I'm going to go over all the books I've been reading this month.

Due to college coming to a close and assignments pilling up, I haven't gone through too many book this month, what I thought would be perfect for a good first run.

Alien Rain 
By Ruth Morgan

Wow, just wow!

I am yet to finish this book but I am hooked, it is fantastic. 

Usually I tend to stay away from anything that falls closely to the Si-Fi bracket as I think that I have to spend more time trying to remember complex place names and get my head around futuristic environments, so can't focus on the plot or characters. However, I found the title very interesting and just decided to go for it and give it a go (Please don't be mad, I did judge a book by it's cover)

Thankfully, I haven't read the whole book yet so there is no way of me letting any spoilers out by accident, as I love this book and could talk about it for a long time. The idea of the story is that you follow a charter called Bree in a futuristic environment where humans now live on Mars because they screwed up Earth. Bree is a normal girl with faults, flaws and is such an accurate depiction of girls who don't crave the spot light: surprisingly she is chosen to go on part of a team with 3 other students on a mission to Earth. The book follows her journey and all the challenged that come with bitchy crew mates, a much loved planet where big flying insects eat people for lunch and of course (I hope) a love story because who doesn't enjoy one of them? 

The book in itself is so well written. It has a fast pace that revolves around character development rather than scean setting, what I love as it give you as the reader to picture and imagine the environments in which ever way you chose and therefore adding to the magic. 

By Sylvia Plath

For those of you who follow my blog more closely, you'll know that I've recently rediscovered my love for poetry. If you're new here you can check out my poetry page at the top if you are curious. 

I've always been told that if you want to get good at something you need to study it. If you want to become an artist you need to look at other art and take inspiration, if you want to become a writer you need to read. For me, I'd like to write poetry, so I'm looking for new books to inspire me and introduce me to new styles f poetry that I've never come across before. If you know on any good books that focuses on poetry, let me know!

Ariel contains some of Sylvia Plath's best know poems that she wrote just before she died in 1963. I'm never really one to like annotating things but pencil in hand I couldn't help but circle lines and combinations of words that I enjoyed. Some have even given me inspiration to scribble down my own ideas that follow a similar style. Naturally, I'm not head over heals for ever poem in the book but I do have my favourites.

Due to not having many books like this in my collection, I can't really say how good i is in comparison to others. However, I have really enjoyed it and I see myself  re-reading it several more times. 

I was a little disappointed with myself this month at the fact that I only got round to reading two books (I have been reading the highway code on the side but...) However, I did enjoy talking about them a little so hopefully in the up coming months you might be seeing more of these posts.

So it's only a short post today but I have some pretty exciting things I'm working on and have line up so keep your eyes open for them.

Till next time.



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