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Forest - A writing exercise.

 Hiya guys!!!!!!!

I have something I'd like to share today and for once its not a rant!!!

Common to what people may think Acting Natural is not my first blog. About 8 moths before I started this one I had another on WordPress. Sadly I couldn't really get on with the platform and my blog faded away. Unlike his blog what is a complete and utter free for all for my thoughts, my old was dedicated to my development as a writer.

One of my fears when it comes to writing is quite a common one. I was scared of my work not being perfect or good enough, if you combine this with a lack of confidence I could go a month easily without spending any time on my book simply because I was too scared to write. I knew I was terrible so what was the point of trying.

 In order to combat this I devised small writing exercises that I used to like to share on my blog. The idea was that I would find a random image on the Internet and give myself 15- 30 minuets to write a story about it. I had to be fast and care free. It was these exercises that was the most common content on my blog.

Out of boredom and pure avoidance of doing my assignments I went back to my old blog. Here I found this story I named Forest (I had to name it in the time restriction as well, so I left them last and they were often bad titles because of this.) But it is this small story that I wanted to share with you all today. Without a doubt I am bringing this to my blog. Looking back I remembered just how much I enjoyed doing the exercises so expect more to come.

So yeah, Hope you enjoy.


My grandmother only had one rule.

Never go into the forest.

For most this would have been easy, one rule, one simple rule to follow.

But I wasn’t like most.

The forest called to me as a child, every night I spent there I would gaze out the window, never taking my eyes off it's inky depths. When I finally surrendered to sleep, it haunted my dreams, whispering my name. If I ever went outside I felt a physical pull towards it, like a piece of rope was tied around my waist, pulling me to it.

I never told anyone. Who would have believed me?

By the time I became a teenager it stopped. Staring out at night never appealed to me anymore. The call became silent. The pull stopped. I could enjoy my Grandmothers company without worrying about the forest. I could play outside and walk her dog and not worry about wandering into it. For the first time I felt safe.

The it changed.

My Grandmother refused to go to the hospital despite our please, my mother told me that she knew she would die that night, she knew it was the end. She said that she wanted to feel safe and to be with us that a sterile hospital. So that night she slipped through out fingers into eternal might.

The moment she closed her eyes and took her last breath it returned. The pull. The calling.

I tried to fight it, but in my grief-stricken mind, I ran. Ignoring the calls of my family.

I ran into the woods.

I broke my Grans only rule.

My footsteps were muffled and I ran blindly, branches whipped my face, roots tripped me up. But it didn’t stop me. The pull was too strong, I had spent too long resisting it, it was a pleasure to give into it finally.

I stopped.

Tears blurred my vision.

The only sound was my reckless breathing.


I turned towards the noise.

I could barely see a thing, the few wisps of the moon light provide me with no comfort.

“You shouldn’t have come here.” A gravel voice sounded from behind me.

I turned.

There was no one there.

“She warned you not to come here.”

Again the voice came from behind. It was closer.

“Did she ever tell you what would happen if you entered my forest?” Hot breath brushed against my ear.

My blood froze.

“Who are you?” I stuttered, my voice weak and cracked.

“Nothing but a memory my sweet child.” They hadn’t moved. Every breath they took tickled my ear. “I’ll ask one more time. Did she ever tell you the consequences of entering my forest.”


They chuckled in glee. “Well let me show you sweet child.”
My grandmother only had one rule.

Never go into the forest.


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