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So it's not too long past one o'clock in the morning as I write this, I can't sleep.

 I am however tired so please excuse the bad spelling and disorganisation of this post, tonight I'm writing more for me than anything else. Bad habits are calling and I need a distraction.

So this week I've been on holiday in Scotland. For the past 14 years I've spent a week in a Aviemore. It's been a pretty nice week, it's been full of challenges and lessons but it's been lovely. When I get home I'll upload some of the photos off my camera for you all.

Tomorrow I travel back, well technically today I travel back in 9 or so hours time. I probably should be sleeping :)

But let's talk about this week.

So every year I come here, we tend to do the same things every year. Both my mum and myself like photography so we have collections of photos showing how much we have changed over the years. It's nice being able too see how much I've grown and changed, so…

Covered up

How many times do you look in a mirror a day?
How long do you spend analysing what you look like?
How much pain do you feel when you see the person staring back at you?

For some people these answers will be easy. You might not look in the mirror too often or for that long. You might even like the person who looks back at you. That's cool and ok. But for some, theses questions might not be too nice. For me they are not.

Last Sunday my friend suggested a challenge to me. We were talking about body image. I expressed my concerns with how long I spent looking at myself in the mirror. I didn't want to come across as vain or attention seeking, but was just concerned by how much of my life revolved around my reflection. I could spend hours trying to figure out what bit of my body was too big, too small, where I needed to lose weight and where that dreaded fat was hiding. I spend so long planing what I'm going to do next, how I was going to improve myself next.

So they suggested a c…

By Her Mind.

So last week is over.

It's been a roller coaster of a week. I've had my up, my downs and even a little twirly bit that completely makes you lose your bearings.

It's been a difficult past week to say the least.

But here I am, it's a new week, I'm avoiding doing my 5 outstanding assignments and staring at my laptop wondering what on earth I'm going to ramble on about today.

I'd say after an good half an hour staring at a bank page I finally gave up and decided that no ideas would come to mind and I would just have to skip out on a post this week. So I shut down my laptop and went on a walk round college with my friend as she was getting restless in the library. Naturally at some point we ended in the toilets and I had a brain wave.

You see this past week I have been down. I went back to the doctors in the week and after getting the results from my blood test, I asked to be weighted.
What a mistake.
The good news is that they're no longer concerned about …