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Body dysmorphia

Body dysmorphia is something that has been on my mind a lot recently.

For those who don't know body dysmorphia is a form of anxiety that can lead a person to have an altered perspective on how they look. This can be a small flaw that a person can see to be something so much bigger,till it clouds their thoughts and they try everything to hide it. It's most commonly associated with an eating disorder, leading a person to think they are over weight when they are not. This can lead to causing a person high levels of stress and anxiety, what combined with an eating disorder can be a very bad thing.
It was suggested to me that I had body dysmorphia. I'm in complete denial about it if I'm honest even though I know I show a lot of symptoms for it, I don't believe I see a distorted version of myself in the mirror at all. I just see someone who is fat. 
Whilst I very much deny that I have it and will not accept that I do, it is …


I finally have my laptop back!!! It should now be fixed and not turning off on me every few minuets, what means I can get back to blogging again.

So I've been thinking about my blog, I've been struggling to find a topic to talk about recently and I've came up blank time after time after time. It's been an absolute pain if I'm honest.

I've had things I've wanted to talk about. I've had poems I've wanted to share, I've had rants, DIY tutorials and just general chatty posts I thought would be cool to share. But I haven't. I haven't posted any of them, I didn't even try to write them either. I didn't even attempt it. Not because I didn't want to but because I didn't feel like it would be good enough. I realised that every time I wanted to share something I felt like I had to apologize to you all.

I felt that I had to apologize for my posts not being good enough.

I forgot why I started this blog and got so caught up in other …

The beauty of light.

It's been a while since I've shred with you all some of my photos. 
I like working with light. I love how it's difficult to capture and that it's a challenge.  A few years back I went to Powis Castle illumintions. Its  big national trust property with stunning gardens. During the christmas period they cover the enitre place in fairy lights. It's a truly beautifl place to go.
This Christmas I went along again but took my best friend with me. It was a really lovely evening and the photos bellow are the ones I took through out the evening, 

 (The swan in the lights happened purely by accident, but doesn't it look cute!!)

Hope you liked.