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Go - Poem

Last night I let you go.
Aiming for peace, it didn't go as planned.
Standing tall, bloody and broken.
Till the point where I'd thought I had one.

Not once did I stop and think.
Inside I was lost in a maze,
Going around in circles,
High off our past memories.
Today though, I stand alone.

wrote: 15th June 17

Growing Pains

Growing up is a scary thing and in all honesty, I can't stand it.

I don't understand that at the age of 18 and now being considered an adult I have to act differently and all my old childish but comforting habits need to be demolished. I don't understand why I get disapproving looks when I don't do things others my age do.

Now that college is over people of my age are making the exciting transition to Uni or full time work, but mainly uni.

I'm not doing this.

I've just came out of college with an BTEC Extended diploma and a Sup diploma in forensic science. It's more than enough to get me into uni but I'm going back for a 3rd year at the hell hole more commonly know as college to study business.

When people ask why I'm not going to Uni in September my reply is usually along the lines of "I have a years left of funding and I want to make the most of it." This isn't a lie. I do have a years left of free funding so I might as well get anot…

Live to give- Review

By Austin Gutwein.


LIVE TO GIVE is Austin’s second book, take your best shot being his first. However, you don’t need to have read the first one to understand this one.
It’s a book all about discovering and unpacking the unique gifts and skills that God’s given each and every one of us.
Wrote by a teenager for teenagers, Austin explores how even a small gift, that might seem useless in our own eyes, can have such an amazing impact on your own life and especially in the lives of your neighbours, if you just give your gift to God to serve Him. One thing I particularly like about this book was that you don’t just read it. Unlike some nonfiction books, where you are only inspired from reading the authors own journey, this book activity encourages and engages you to start exploring ways that you can use your own gifts. This is done in the form of study questions. Easy to get your head around, these questions are flexible enoug…

Guest Post- Divergent series review

So not too long ago I did a Q&A with Sophie, where we briefly mentioned that we were going to start doing book reviews together. Well, today is the start of our monthly ones so I'm going to pass you over to Sophie now and I hope you enjoy.

Hi all, its Sophie from Freckles and Stars. Arabella has let me do a book review with her every month and this is my first contribution. Enjoy... The Divergent SeriesBy Veronica Roth

Recently, I have started to read the divergent series again. It was a long time since I read the books so I don't remember the exact story line and I have heard the films (which I have watched recently) are very different to the books. The divergent series is a fictional tale - spread over three books with a fourth spin off.  It is set in a futuristic world that is subject to all the usual sufferings and troubles. But what sets this world apart is the strong and amazing characters that fight strong and hard for what is right.
I would recommend this book …

Shy girl speaks

In the movies the shy girl will speak.
She'll find a man that understands and she will be come brave.
Clenched hands she will rise to the stage,
Her audience a sea of those who doubted her.

In the movie she opens her mouth and starlight comes out.
An enigma unraveled in the pale blue of her voices.
People sit shocked, unable to move.
They listen to her voice like their new favorite tune.

In the movie she is loved.
They surround her in a summers embrace.
When the day turn grey they rush to her side.
Holding her close, her tears fall no more.

Life isn't a movie though, the shy girl won' be loved.
She will speak of course, but they're not listening.
Her voice isn't going to hold them captivate, no.
There won't be anyone to run to her side.

When the shy girl speaks it will be too late.
They've all gone home.
She knows deep down though, she wasn't welcome to begin with.
Her tears will fall, alone.


But I trust Him

It's been a while since I've shared anything about my walk with God with you guys. Truth be told, I've been going through a bit of a rough patch and I'm so lost.

But you want to know something amazing?

Even though I feel far from God, He still loves me.

After my week work experience at the Schools Christian Worker project, I made something on my wall. I divided my wall into two sections- Prayers and Answer to prayers.

Trusty post-it-notes in hand I started to pray. I'd write them down with a sharpie, put the sticky note in the prayers section and pray.

Over the days I would see the post-it-note and remember to pray about what was on the wall. I'm not going to lie, I was so pessimistic about doing this. I really didn't believe God cared about the small things in my life. I thought He only cared about the big things like my future, not my health or my time at college or even basic situations at home like the key getting suck in the front door.

But I was very …

Body Possitity Q&A

On Monday I introduced Sophie from freckles and Stars and did a Q&A with her (Guest post- Freckles and Stars). Today I'm going to be answering Sophie's questions to me.

We both chose an area that we wanted to talk about and mine was being body positive.

It's an area that I still struggle with in my day to day life but that doesn't stop me from trying to help and encourage others.

Bellow is my answers to her questions. Be sure to go check out her blog as well!

1. Why do we need to talk about being body positive?
Right now technology is moving forward so quickly, i's the norm for us to have a phone, tablet or laptop and people from younger ages are having assess to this equipment. This is cool and great but it also means that access to the internet and social media is far easier than ever before. There's an increasing amount of pressure being put on to girls and guys or anyone else to be a certain way, especially in their bodies.With this increasing amount of …

Guest Post- Freckles and Stars

Heya Oddballs!

In previous posts I've mentioned some pretty cool things coming up and this post is the start of many exciting things. I've teamed up with Sophie from Freckles and Stars and we've decided to combine our love for books and start writing monthly book reviews for you guys to read. We thought it could be a cool way to introduce you all to some different books that you might have not even considered before.

Instead of jumping straight into the reviews we've decided to introduce one another on our blogs through a Q&A (because who doesn't love them?) We both focused on different specific areas of questions. So I'm going to disappear for now and hand you over to Sophie. The questions that Sophie asked me will be up soon, but I thought I'd introduce you to her blog first.


Hi readers of, Acting Natural, my name is Sophie and I come from Freckles and Stars – the link is down below! Ella has very kindly agreed to do a collab with me and she’s…

Snap Shots

Not too long ago I got sent a news article. The title was STOP USING INSTAGRAM.

Catchy right?

It was wrote by some people who collected a bunch of research and data to find out what social networking platform was the worst for teenagers and youths mental heath. You can probably guess what their results found judging by it's title.

I didn't necessarily agrees or think very highly of the article as it was aimed at parents to scare them and read to be really bias against any social networking platform going, so for that reason I'm not wanting to share a link to it, but you can look into it if you'd like, it shouldn't be that hard to find. Whilst I didn't agree with the article it was good food for thought.

One of the first few posts I ever wrote on this blog was called Perfection on social media and it was one of my most popular posts for a long time. After reading that article, I think that topic is very much something that I'd like to discus once again.

I a…

But I didn't

Oddballs who have been following my blog from the start will know that this blog was a safe space for me to express my feelings. However, if you have only started reading my blog in the past few months I doubt you'll know this.

You see guys, I've kind of lost the reason that I created this blog to begin with. For people looking at my life through the window of my blog, my life must look like a shy person sitting in a coffee shop, writing poetry, level headed and planing to change the world. My posts have been wrote for other people and not for me. I've started writing an honest post like this one but deleted it, thinking that no one will want to read it, that I'll just come across as another attention seeking youth who is searching to blame their issues on anything but themselves.

I've wanted to talk about the feeling of knowing you've slipped and got worse and then having to face the dilemmas that come with that. Do I be honest with the people I love and tell…

Red Hair (Poetry)

A poem to the lady with bright red hair.
How did you learn to strut your stuff?
To walk down the street with pride?
Your hair draws attention that will cause others to hide.
What's your story?
You're walk is one of time,
the lines on your face that of experience,
wisdom from another age.
What do you in as you walk down the street?
Do you recall the faces that you meet?

To the lady with bright red hair, 
do you care when others stare?
Did you notice me when you walked by?
Another girl in a sea of lies.
Were you ever like me?
Hollowed face with an icy stare.
Did you ever feel like me?

To the lady with the bright red hair.
I'll never see you again,
but it's not like you care.

Monthly Reads- May 17

Hiya, fellow Oddballs!

Bit of a first for me, but I'm going to go over all the books I've been reading this month.

Due to college coming to a close and assignments pilling up, I haven't gone through too many book this month, what I thought would be perfect for a good first run.

Alien Rain  By Ruth Morgan
Wow, just wow!

I am yet to finish this book but I am hooked, it is fantastic. 

Usually I tend to stay away from anything that falls closely to the Si-Fi bracket as I think that I have to spend more time trying to remember complex place names and get my head around futuristic environments, so can't focus on the plot or characters. However, I found the title very interesting and just decided to go for it and give it a go (Please don't be mad, I did judge a book by it's cover)

Thankfully, I haven't read the whole book yet so there is no way of me letting any spoilers out by accident, as I love this book and could talk about it for a long time. The idea of the stor…

Book shop musings

I finally built up the courage to have a cuppa at Booka. In the town by where I live there is a fantastic interdependent book shop called Booka. I've spent many hours mulling around the shelves of the shop, picking up books and jut enjoying the atmosphere. Today though, was the day that I finally enjoyed the little coffee shop area of it and I was not disappointed, I could not have higher praise for the place. 
Book Shop Musings 
The first thing that came to mind as I sat down was that there was something wrong with me. My friends and class mates were having a social and lunch in the pub and I'm siting down with a mocha in my favourite book shop. 
I thought that there was somethings wrong with me for wanting to sit alone surrounded by books and not spend time with my peers. but the more I sit here the more I enjoy the atmosphere, the more I begin to realise that there's nothing wrong with me at all.
I've always thought that I'm just antisocial, that I just couldn&#…

Fidget toys.

Fidget toys!!

Who hasn't heard of them lately?

These thing are everywhere.

Your younger sibling might have one, that guys in the street, you friends, you might even own one. It's surprisingly difficult to be in a public place and not see one. This has sparked several conversations about how useful these things really are. They're the latest craze. Some people question the usefulness of them and others are all for it, some are cautious because they are literally everywhere and can be a distraction in schools.

I'm leader at my local guide unit and last time we met several of the girls had the fidget spinners. I'm not going to include a photos because we all know what they look like. At out unit there are 4 leaders including myself (we have a big unit). One of them works at a primary school so is very up to date in what these things are, the other two had no idea what they were all about. We had to convince them about their usefulness and that they could help with pe…