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Inside my art journals

So a while back I did a post about art journals. I briefly went over what they were and showed a picture of what I was doing currently with it and because I really enjoyed writing about my art journal I have decided to write another one. This time however, I'm going to show you a few of my completed pages.

I have a total of 3 art journals. Only one is complete and another retired as I didn't like the feel of the book I was doing it in, the third on I am currently using. My first art journal was a blank ring binder sketch book. I loved the fact that it had a canvas front so I could design my own cover fro it and completely personalise the entire thing. My first art journal wasn't pretty, the pages that I'll show you are from later on in it as by that point I had developed my skills a little more.

My second one was an A4 diary that I had wrote in when I was 12. I only managed to write in it for a week and didn't want to waste a perfectly good book so I decided to adapt and use it as my second art journal. This didn't last too long as I didn't like the size of the book or the paper in it and soon found myself ditching that book for a second time.

This leads me to my current art journal. By this time I didn't have too much hope on finishing this journal, for this reason I didn't want to splash out of an expensive moleskin journal. So I borough some cheep decomposition books that only cost me £3 for a set of 5. My logic behind this was that I wouldn't be precious about the books. They were cheep so I shouldn't care about destroying them. Turns out this was a pretty sound bit of logic and I think that my current art journal is by best so far as I'm not too bothered about it being really pretty, I just make thinks and enjoy the process.

 So these two are from my first art journal. The one on the left was the first age I was ever proud of. I had been looking on youtube at flip through of other peoples art journals and was excited to try out some of the new things I had seen. I made my own diamond stencil out of card (what failed miserably) and had brought some new bronze acrylic paint. It wasn't my most meaningfully page but I really enjoyed making it.

The one on the right was made when I was at an event called New Wine.It was my second year going and I was a little apprehensive. The first year was awesome but also terrifying at the same time and because of this I wanted to take something that I could feel safe with.Its not an overly complicated page but it was nice and calming to make.

My second art journal was a little bit better. Sure I was still convinced that I could use paper to make diamond stencils, even though it never really worked. But I was experimenting with more ideas and medias. It was fun and this one really was nice to use to vent.

I didn't like the size of the book and it really did take a lot of effort to prepare the pages to even paint on them.  It was fun whilst it lasted but it really did take too much effort and it kinda took some of the magic out of art journaling in the first place.

This then leads on to my current art journal. I haven't completed too many pages, hence why I'm only showing one page. However, I do really like this page. It took a while to make but it showed what I waned it to show.

It's not my best page but the idea of buying a cheep book really worked. I'm usually a little apprehensive when it comes to starting a new notebook or sketchbook, but because it really was a cheep book I wasn't too fussed about destroying it or wrecking it. This lead me to me just enjoying making it.

I'm not the best at explaining art journals, nor am I the best at writing about them. However, I like it. I like writing about something that is fun. I know arty things aren't for everyone. But if you're ever curious I'd really recommend it. You don't need the expensive books or all the best supplies, all you need is a little bit of time and creativity.



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