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My synesthesia

I have synesthesia.

The easiest way to describe it would be a crossing of the senses in my brain. I ca hear a sound and also see a colour at the same time. It's quite a cool quirk to have.

So I have quite a few forms of synesthesia, but most of mine revolve round colour. I synesthesia in all five of my sences . So I can see music and sounds, I see colours when I touch certain textures, I see colours with smells, tastes and pain. Words are in colour for me as well. Objects and numbers have personality 

Instead of trying to describe it too you i will try and show you and give examples.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 22 46 79  How most people see numbers 123456789 0 224679 How I see numbers. Each one has its own specific colour. Some also have personality's so the number 4 is very harsh and unforgiving, 7 is sly and tricky, 8 is lovable and kind and finally 9 is horrible, mean and dark. 
I also see words in colour. Pizza Shoe Soap Environment Colour Pries Surprise Door Wood World Open  These two abo…

A little bit of honesty

I've been thinking and I'm going to be honest with you guys. And I think I need to take a slight step back from my blog. Don't worry I've got some posts already wrote out so I will still be posting but I think I need to take a slight step back.

I love my blog, I really enjoy writing on it and I love it when you guys comment but things have been happening in the back ground and I need to spend some serious time with God and get my priority right. At this point in time my blog is my escape but it has also become my distraction, I'm spending more time talking to you guys about my problems than I am with God.

So I am still posting but only on Fridays now, I will write things but I don't really want to go into too much detail about my own personal recovery for a little while, just until I get things sorted and I'm back on the path I should be on.

Once I'm back on track I will start posting twice a week again and I'll let you know how I'm doing. But f…


I'm apologising now, I think this post might turn into a bit of a rant. So sorry if my punctuation and sentence structure completely goes out the window (not that it was amazing to begin with :)

So I'm back talking about body image again, and today I wanted to talk about being 'skinny'.

So I want to throw in a question here. Is being skinny pretty? 

Another question I want to ask is, Do you have to be skinny to be considered beautiful?

Now a days in the media there is a massive push that you have to be skinny to look good. That you have to be size 6 (UK clothing sizes) to be considered pretty. I know that when I look on instagram I always see girls in pretty, but revealing clothing, who have tiny stomachs. These photos I've noticed seem to have the most likes.

When I'm at college with my friends you can grantee that someone will say to me "I wish I was skinny like you." or "You're really lucky being skinny." I get a lot of comments on my…

Moving On

So I didn't post anything on Monday...
I'd lost most motivation do anything really and that included my blog. 
I'm doing ok, but at the same time I'm not, and that's what I'm going to talk about today...
I have had a some pretty big set backs these past few days. Nothing bad has happened exactly to trigger things but I know things haven't been too good. I'm back eating very little and starting to count calories to a big extent.

 But I'm ok. I'm tired of things, I know something is wrong, but I'm ok.

As an aspiring author that quote really appeals to me. I love throwing plot twists in randomly when it comes to my own book that I'm writing, so for some reason I find it quite comforting.

But other than focusing on the 'plot twist' bit of the quote, I want to focus on the 'moving on' bit. I know that I personally really struggle from 'moving on' from any bad things that might have happened to me, and trust me when I …

Bridge - a poem

A bridge stands in front of me.  Black tar climbs over the rails, it climbs to get me. It twists and turns closer and closer, pillars make its way. It clings to my skin, knots in my hair, diving into my lungs. I know where I want to go, to make it to the end.  A bridge stands in front of me, but my foundations are laid bare. 
Every imperfection, embarrassment and defeat clouds my eyes.  My breath is stolen away. A bridge stands in front of me but I don't know if I can get there.
That bridge is my choice. Cross it and I'll be free! Hope is on the horizon, a life where I'll be free, to love, to serve to have a meaning. A bridge stands in front of me, but tar is also there.
Tar was a friend, I knew them well. My comfort in times of need, But a lair, a fiend, it just couldn't be pleased.  And yet they knew me well.
Every step is a battle, it's a struggle that I need. I will make it, I will fight, I think "one day I'll be free" A bridge stands in front of…