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Why I read book

It's no lie that people no a days no longer read for pleasure as much as we used to. You only have to ask google statistics for reading and pages after pages pop up telling you how little people read in today's world, especially in the UK. As someone who loves to read I find this a smidge concerning, and almost upsetting. It's weird to think that less and less kids and teenagers are reading for fun.

As child I would read like my life depended on it. Sure I didn't like it when I had private reading sessions with my primary school teacher, where I has to read my book out load to my teacher just so they could make sure my literacy skills were progressing correctly. But other than those occasions I loved reading.

Then I got to secondary school. The first two years where great, we were encouraged to read, we had designated slots in our English lessons just so we could read books. I loved that. Within my first year of secondary I had got through over 15 books in class alone. I loved it. The came year nine, the schools priority's change to preparing you for exams. Reading for pleasure became less off a thing. By year ten when I took a few of my GCSE's I no longer carried a book with me. Why on earth would I want to read a book for fun? I didn't have the time, I had assignments to be writing. My mind was being crammed full with too much information, so much so that I no longer had the imagination to read. It's at this age that the majority of people stop reading for fun. I don't blame them. I know I didn't anymore at that age.

Then came along year eleven, one of my worse years. As a teenager I struggled with my mental health, to this day I still do. That year was so hard for me. I was fighting my battles in my mind and at the same time I was trying to remember so much information, not to mention trying to mange stress. My friends changed, I guess we all had our own ways of dealing with the stress, so I found myself alone most of the time. In my loneliness I would wounder to the library. I'd sit at the computer and ignore the books. I'd just sit at the computer and pretend to do work all lunch.

Bu for what ever reason, one day I picked up a book. I can't remember the book title, but what I can remember is that it was one of the book that  had read in my first year of school. So I once again I sat down and read it. The story plot was terrible, but for the first time in ages I felt free from the stress of school. I dove head first into this imagery life, following round this character, feeling what they felt, seeing what they saw. I left the school library and was transported into worlds I never knew existed.

I started reading again after that. I would read the books in the library or sometimes bring in my own books. In form you would see me reading, at lunch you would find me in the library, at home time I would sit and wait in Tesco's car park or on the bus you would see me with a book in my hand.

Reading became my escape.

Then I went to college. I wasn't mentally prepared for that year, and sadly my books look a back seat. It wasn't cool to be seen round college with a book, at least not at mine anyway. But once again I was struggling with my mind.

Fast forward to a few days ago and it's my first day of my second year of college. I brought a book. In fact only a week before I  had spent two hours in waterstones choosing books. I went in to buy one and I came out with three.

I read books because they provide me with an escape from the real world, from my world. i don't travel lots and yet I can say I've been to different worlds. I don't talk to lots of people, but in my mind I have talked to kings and queens. Books transport me to a place away from here. That is why I read books.


  1. I agree, reading is one of the easiest way to escape! Great post btw!

    1. Hiya,yeah it really is and thank you.


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