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Perfection on social media


I have un-tameable hair, a weird nose, I come from a broken home, I swear, make mistakes, hurt the people closes to me. I am not perfect and that's ok. However I look at social media now a days and cringe. I will make myself clear that I am not knocking anyone or trying to but groups of people down in this blog, as I too am guilty of doing some of these things and no, I am not some bitter, twisted, jealous teenage girl, I'm just expressing an opinion. 

When I look on my Facebook news feed, or Instagram all I see is people wanting to be perfect. They post photos of them with makeup that is "on point" (What does that even mean?!) or photos of them with a group of friends who all look equally as beautiful as them, or photos of amazing looking food. In that snap shot their life looks perfect. I scroll through Instagram accounts and everything looks perfect, they have loving boyfriends, big houses, loving parents, the latest outfits, perfect makeup. They're life looks perfect... Well I guess to some it might. For me perfection looks very different, but that's a post for another day.
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When I see this I kinda feel sad. I feel sad that there is such a pressure to look perfect now a days, to be perfect. People spend so much time trying to make their life look perfect, they forget that they have a life to being with, they no longer live as they are spending ages on trying to get a perfect picture of their delicious home made healthy, vegan, pinterest meal that they cooked (Hats off to you though if you can cook anything that's found on pinterest , I know I can't)
What if we all put our cameras down, our phones, and started to live and enjoy ourselves. What if people no longer had to worry about looking perfect around their friends in fear of them no longer liking them because they don't fit society idea of perfection. What if we spent more time enjoying ll the little moments in life. What if people weren't afraid not to be perfect. What if I you could walk into college with your hair in a messy bun, in an over sized hoodie, and beat up trainers and not feel scared or worried about the people around you judging you. What if I could be honest about my friends about my eating disorder and my mental health, instead of being terrified that they won't want a imperfect fiend, that they won't want a friend with problems. What if I didn't have to pretend that I was having a good day, what if it was socially acceptable to say I am not ok, I am broke and I need help, my life isn't perfect, I AM NOT PERFECT. 

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Maybe it's just me who feels this way. Maybe I'm just very insecure about myself and my own life not being perfect. I know that I'm scared of not being perfects, not being good enough. But at the same time I'm glad that I'm not perfect, I'm glad that my life is a bit of a mess at points. I think this because I know that every fight will make me stronger, it doesn't matter if I win the fight or not. My imperfect life is building a fighter. A girl who one day will be strong. 

No one has a perfect life, and that's ok.

(PS. non of the images on this post are mine!!! if you're the original creator of any of these images and wish me to remove them- let me know, and I apologies for the weird white behind my text, I'm not too sure how it got there)


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Hiya all.

It's been a while since my last post hasn't it?

A lot has been happening in these past moths My life has taken a roller-coaster of a journey. One full of pain and excitement, love, self acceptance, hard conclusions and fear, lot of fear, it's been quite something.

During this time it might look like I've taken a break from blogging and in some ways this is true, I've taken a break from Acting Natural, but I've been blogging more than ever before.

So today I'd like to introduce you to Lost In The Story.

This is my main blog and is the reason I haven't posted in several moths, I've moved sites.

So why have I done this?

Reason one being that as a blogger I've started to expand and grow. I love Bloggers simplicity but as I started to write more I wished for more control of my blog and the only way I could do that was to move platforms. It's been a bit hard learning a much more complex system but I'm loving it.

I've also changed …

Shy girl speaks

In the movies the shy girl will speak.
She'll find a man that understands and she will be come brave.
Clenched hands she will rise to the stage,
Her audience a sea of those who doubted her.

In the movie she opens her mouth and starlight comes out.
An enigma unraveled in the pale blue of her voices.
People sit shocked, unable to move.
They listen to her voice like their new favorite tune.

In the movie she is loved.
They surround her in a summers embrace.
When the day turn grey they rush to her side.
Holding her close, her tears fall no more.

Life isn't a movie though, the shy girl won' be loved.
She will speak of course, but they're not listening.
Her voice isn't going to hold them captivate, no.
There won't be anyone to run to her side.

When the shy girl speaks it will be too late.
They've all gone home.
She knows deep down though, she wasn't welcome to begin with.
Her tears will fall, alone.


Growing up

Now that we've safely stumbled into May it is time for my college course to be coming to an end. My friends are off to start the next chapter of their lives at Uni, some are going to spend a year in full time work and others are taking a gap year to get a deeper understanding of how the world works.

As for me?

I have no idea what I'm doing next.

Sure I have plans and fall back options just encase I don't find something better to do, but realistically I don't know what I want to do.

University is out of the question as I'm not confident enough in my future to get myself into thousands of pounds of debt, I'm not really in a position to pay the several thousand for my discipleship year, nor have I got enough funds to pay for the higher education course that I wanted to do at college. I have got an unconditional offer on a place studying business at my current college for a year, this is just my fall back option though, but I am glad to have it there.

Believe in yo…